Why choose CJC accountancy Ltd?

No matter what type of business you are or what service you need, our firm have got you covered. We provide clients with VAT, self-assessment, bookkeeping, and more. We are highly regarded thanks to our 10 years’ experience and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of accounting. We are also fully licensed.


Sole traders

Get support with your self assessment tax returns, help understanding payments on your account, and request tax refunds.


Our team specialises in preparing, approving and filing SA800 calculations.

Ltd companies

Come to CJC Accountancy Ltd for support with your end-of-year accounts and corporation tax returns.

CIS contractors

Need help with your year-end tax refunds and calculation? Call our team today for expert advice and support.


Our team can help manage property rental income, rent a room relief and more. We have experience working with AirBnB clients.



If you have ‘side incomes’ or income from multiple sources, for example, hairdressers, we’ll help ensure you pay the correct amount of tax.


Ensure you pay the correct level of tax on any contracted gross income you received in the financial year.

Employed individuals

If you have some expenses you have incurred and need to claim back, we can adjust future PAYE payroll codes with your employer to allow for these.

Wholesale and Amazon sellers

We can assist with tax planning and investment so you can focus on your business.


Taxi and Uber Drivers

Claiming mileage or capital allowances? We’ll help ensure you accurately pay any taxes and apply for refunds where necessary.

Mortgage applications

We’ll look at your current and forecasted earnings to assist with your mortgage application and get a better deal.

Business start-ups

Get help with your new business venture. We can advise on all aspects of tax a new business may need to know, including getting registered to pay your taxes.